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If you have started seeing updates in your news feed from the same people, and you are worried that other people might have blocked you. You better stop worrying about it because this is not the case. Many users have complained that when they post something on Facebook like status messages, photos, and links, the same group of people are commenting on those posts every time. This frustrating to see when you post something, and there are a handful of people reacting to that post though you have many others who seem to be utterly unaware if your post. And the same thing may happen to your side also just like your friends are facing when you find Facebook not showing posts on your timeline. In case you find Facebook not showing all posts on their timeline, it doesn’t mean that you have blocked someone or someone has blocked you.

The reason behind this issue:

Facebook not showing posts issue is happening to many users only because of a simple reason that the news feed settings of the new Facebook have been updated lately. The settings enable Facebook to show you the posts from only those people who have interacted with quite recently (here recently means that the people you have interacted with in the last few weeks). So, you are entirely invisible to those who have not commented on any of your posts within those weeks. And in the same way, your friends are invisible to you whom you have not interacted with in the last few weeks. In this case, you are complaining about Facebook friend’s posts, not showing up on my wall. 

Here is what to do when you find Facebook, not showing posts that you like:

  • Go to the homepage of your Facebook
  • Go to the bottom of the news feed available on that page.
  • Click on Edit Options. Select the Show Posts From option.
  • Then, click on the option saying All of your friends and pages.

Alternatively, you can also try these steps if you find Facebook posts not showing on your timeline.

  • At the top of the news feed, you find an option saying Most Recent.
  • Locate the small arrow (pointing downwards) in the side, click on that arrow.
  • Once the drop-down menu has opened, Find and click on Edit Options.
  • In the menu opened, find the Show Posts From option.
  • Click on the option All of Your Friends and Pages.

Doing so must have solved your issue of Facebook, not showing friend’s posts. But there’s an issue which remains. That is, the friends of yours who have not changed their settings the way you did right now would not be able to know about you. Whenever someone faces the issue of Facebook not showing posts of people that they expect, they should try all the steps discussed above.

Beware of these things if you are concerned very much about this change:

Facebook has changed the settings of news feed only because many users don’t want to be bothered about all the things. So, they must have complained about it and Facebook modified the settings accordingly. For those people, it’s a beautiful thing. But there are many people who want to be aware of almost everybody they are friends with and about every page they have followed. Such people complain about Facebook not showing posts that they expect. For them, the steps have been discussed above. Such people have to change the settings as discussed above because if they fail to interact with anyone for a week, then they won’t be able to see the posts from those people. 

How Do I See All My Friends Posts on Facebook?
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