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As you know, Plenty of fish is a social networking dating site. You can make your account on Plenty of fish, it is free and paid service both. If you use a paid service of Plenty of fish, then you have more features rather than free service. Paid service of Plenty of fish offer to remove advertisement and give more photograph and email option, but the Plenty of fish username search option is the same for both paid and free users.

Here are many users of Plenty of fish online dating site. Sometimes, it happens that you are trying to search any people on Plenty of fish site and it becomes more difficult as the POF site used to include a “username search”.

Their username search help to users to look up for the past users which they remember the username of or for someone whom they know in real life and hope to find. Generally, Plenty of fish hides these features to make it difficult to finding but still allowing the users to use it. If they want, then they can remove the option altogether.

Methods for POF username search:-

Most of the users use a hack of typing, into their web browser. When you get logged in but when you perform any activity then it gives you a warning message saying that the feature has been “removed” or “had its name changed” or “currently unavailable”. Plenty of fish username search is used frequently to search for POF users. It may also be possible that not every single user show on that username list.

Someone also interested to search for the people beyond age, location or details. So. Read this full article to search for users on a POF account.

Make sure it is a private search or not:-

For logging in and creating a profile, you should determine if you search for any person on the POF site. If you are in suspect of cheating and search for someone that keeps your profile free from personal photographs, same screen names, and exact details. So. Don’t keep it in mind because people search for connecting with the other Plenty of fish users.

If you feel and seek that your partner is cheating with you, are worried catfish etc. So before connecting with the people leave your profile blank.

So, by applying this step, you can easily remove the Plenty of fish username search.

Basic search:-

  • First of all, tap on the light blue Plenty of fish button which is at the top left of the window.
  • Now, tap on the Search
  • After that, by pretty much self-explanatory, tap on the Search option to get the start.
  • A new window will be open with multiple option, according to your choice for search for the users.
  • It is a basic search for POF users.

By using Age, Gender and Location:-

Once you are logging with POF account then make sure that your profile has enough details and sync the details of users whom you search for. Make sure about Age, Gender and location as the top of the choice. Also, select minimum Plenty of fish username search.

Keep in mind that users do not fetch their correct details whenever they make a POF account as if they are older, then they alter their age and also location. They are trying to hide their accurate information and cheat you. So, search for a minimum by using age, gender or location.

Other details:-

After selecting age, gender, the location you have one more option to select that is last qualification, last site visit, body type, dating intent, the distance by zip code, city, newest user and also users since your last visit and state also. Make sure on thing, you can select any one of them.

In case, you are not sure about what you search and don’t want to limit yourself then skip that option and leave it as any. If possible, then try to select any one option. Remember that if you select any and you search for something casual or on the side that doesn’t mean that they show you other than that. It may be possible that they hide their intent by selecting “dating” or “want a relationship”.

Advanced search:-

  • You might search for additional options after searching for the regular search feature.
  • Go to the right of the Basic search tab.
  • Now, go to the Navigate to the search section and tap on Advanced Search.
  • Advanced search is the best option to search for the ideal match and also help to find for old matches or someone you want to find the profile.
  • With the help of Advanced search, you can also select “eye colour”, “profession”, “pets”, “income” and other.
  • If you know that what you are looking exactly in search then it might be different between you find it or not.

In this blog, we discussed the POF username search. Apply all the above-mentioned steps to resolve this issue. If you have any doubt regarding this, then call to our experts to resolve your query. We hope it is helpful to you.

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